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 DIY - Make a "The Stick" Muscle Massager / Pain Relif Therapy Tool

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PostSubject: DIY - Make a "The Stick" Muscle Massager / Pain Relif Therapy Tool   2/1/2011, 12:04 am

If you bike or run a lot like i do, of if you workout like a madman - you have leg pain, sore muscles, knots in your thighs, back, calves, etc.

Runners in the know use a product called "The Stick". Its a pretty cool muscle massager that you roll over your muscles to stretch them and massage out pain spots and knots.

I think they are great, except for their price tag - ranging from 60 to 40 bux bepending on sizes.

So for $14.00 bux and a single trip to ACE hardware i was able to make my own; heres how:

Shopping list:

1 x 24" Schedule 80 1/2" gray PCV nipple - 3 bux.
9 x 3/4" white PVC couplers. - 50 cents each.
1 x Pair of bike grips - ACE had a pair of Bell grips for 6 bux.

To make it took less than a minute. Slip the grip on one side of the 24" nipple. Drop on the 9 couplers that act as rollers. Slip the other grip on. There was a tad of over-nag on the grips after i spaced them evenly, so i trimmed off the overhanging grip with a razor blade. Done.

Use it to roll over your skin or light clothing, to roll out deep into the muscles and over knots and pain spots, it feels much better after use. I get my wife to roll my lower back where i get kots from riding and cardio - plyometric workouts.. it works great!

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DIY - Make a "The Stick" Muscle Massager / Pain Relif Therapy Tool
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