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 Chrome Shoe Review

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PostSubject: Chrome Shoe Review   4/15/2010, 6:41 pm

This Review Is On The "turds for gold" Chrome Shoes entitled "KURSK".
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Quick background check. Male, 21. san diego living; beach, park, pavement. everyday abuse would be biking, walking, some jogging action from chasing nieces and nephews.

coming from a occasionally nike wearer and a abusive macbeth owner.

First time unboxing the chrome shoes i got a glimps and was immediately reminded of my pairs of macbeth elliots.
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but with closer inspection there were key differencees that made it obvious that this was made for your day to day messenger. Starting on the outside i noticed the walls were made for toe clip abuse with its well padded nose. the inner sides have three vent holes and the rear has this greyish area im assuming is suppose to be a reflector but when i shined my flashlight, to no avail it didnt shine back. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] i also like the metal aglet (thanks phineas and ferb)for i have had to replace multiple shoelace because of briken aglets. On The Inside the shoes have multiple soles inside to add the comfort and function it provided.
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Putting them on was as easy as putting on your favorite pair of vans, macbeths, or any lowtops. the padding comfort was noticeable right away. riding with them was just as any other shoe if you dont think about it.

But with the little things such as the vents, padding, and the overall built. you can appreciate the time and thought that went into the design and built from the chrome team. And I wouldnt mind buying another pair whenever these bad boys wear out.

please feel free to add your comments and thoughts or youre own review if you were lucky enough to mail in an old pair before the deadline.

Edit; the shoes also came with stickers and a sorta thank you card with info and contest info and a 20% coupon code: turds2010 (expires June 1st 2010) for orders $200 or more.
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PostSubject: Re: Chrome Shoe Review   4/16/2010, 1:38 pm

I wore and rode with them on all day today. They're about a half-size too big for me, even though I wear size 9.5 with every pair of shoes I have.

So far, for me, they've been a little uncomfortable, but that could just be because of the size. They're incredibly stiff where it counts: the sole. I like the shoelace "garage."

I think they're ok. I wish I got a pair that fit me properly.
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Chrome Shoe Review
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