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 Cal Coast Bicycles - University Heights - San Diego

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PostSubject: Cal Coast Bicycles - University Heights - San Diego   3/20/2010, 10:09 pm

Cal Coast Bicycles
(619) 281-7433
3020 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA
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I am 35 years old. This means several things, but couple that little tidbit with the fact that I've been passionately riding bicycles for about 30 years and you can bet that I have been to my fair share of bicycle shops. I've worked in a bike shop, hung out in several bike shops, shopped in even more bike shops and walked in and right back out of even more bike shops.

Cal Coast Bicycles is a shop that I fully endorse as the best bike shop in San Diego and one of the best bike shops I've been to throughout my cycling career. I live closer to 3 other shops, but i make the little extra trip to give my hard earned money to Cal Coast.

* Service department - the three times I've walked in with a problem, they fixed me up while I waited. once was to true both of my wheels, once was to replace a grenaded headset in my nephews BMX bike and once was to fix my noisy bottom bracket. The service guys are engaging and skilled. No attitude or elitism.

* Sales - I've bought a lot of stuff from them and whether its a tube or a complete they stand beside you and give you all the options to make a decision that’s best for you and your needs and your budget.

* Parts - While they seem to have a slant towards MTB they can order whatever and are fair on their pricing. They have a *VERY* small amount of BMX stuff, and they are up on their fixed gear knowledge.

* Staff - every guy I've talked to rides. Some for sport, competition, fitness or even commute. I love a bike shop filled with bike riders. It makes the experience more like going to your buddies house to chill out, not like going shopping.

Okay - I've sported my forum wood long enough for CCB - give them a shot if you are in the area.


Side Note - for $20 bux you can join their Riders Club - you get 2 free flat fixes a year (tubes and labor) and updates on events, rides, news, sales, ect.

If you buy a bike from them you get free lifetime compelte maintenace, membership to the Riders Club and 10% off any parts you buy form the shop barring specials or sale items. You can even transfer the lifetime maintenace when you sell the bike thus upping it's resale value.

Check 'em out.
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Cal Coast Bicycles - University Heights - San Diego
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